Our shelter disappears under your bed so you can't even tell it's there.
The "Best Design For Those Who Suffer From Claustrophobia!"

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T he lowest cost and safest shelter design puts your family just seconds from safety. Convenient, comfortable and much roomier inside than expected. Securely anchors on TOP of your bedroom flooring (concrete slab required). Fully tested and engineer certified. Multiple exits. Great safe room.

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A Shelter for Those Who Are Claustrophobic

Please don't assume that you will feel too claustrophobic in our horizontal shelter design. Nearly everyone that actually tries out our shelter makes the comment "it's much roomier inside than I expected." Many buyers have said that they are claustrophobic, but they don't feel "too" claustrophobic while in our shelter. They realize they're going to feel claustrophobic in any storm shelter, but ours allow them to safely remain out of their shelter much longer.

As the picture below shows, you can, comfortably, lay "mostly" in our shelter, with your head area totally outside the shelter so your claustrophobia isn't activated. You only need to get fully inside your shelter if you see the tornado start pulling your bedroom apart. Ours is the only storm shelter design that allows you to safely and comfortably wait outside your shelter until the very last seconds before a tornado strikes. In the vast majority of instances, you will never need to close the door.

Woman laying in shelter doorway

Safe, Affordable Bed Storm Shelter/Safe Room

The most affordable storm shelter on the market and it installs "Under-Your-Bed." This unique design also turns out to be one of the safest: 

  • Low profile design puts you safely out of the path of most high velocity flying debris and resists toppling in tornado-force winds
  • Two entry doors = fastest entry time from your bed to the safety of your shelter in about 7 seconds
  • Test participants say it feels much roomier inside than expected
  • Multiple exits means less chance of being trapped inside
  • Above-ground construction reduces the risk of drowning, unlike below-ground shelters
  • Brutal impact testing (FEMA 320 and ICC 500 compliant) passed with flying colors
  • Certified by a structural engineer who specializes in tornado shelters

Quickly Get to Safety

This senior shows how quickly and easily you can get inside
an A.C.E. Under-Your-Bed Storm Shelter.

Did We Mention Affordable?

A.C.E. Tornado Shelters cost many hundreds, if not thousands, less than those from our competitors—and they don’t offer the unique blend of safety and convenience of an A.C.E. storm shelter. In making cost a key design consideration, we’ve made it much easier for you to say “yes” to improving your family’s chance of surviving a close encounter with a tornado. Check out our great prices:

Queen Bed-Size

Starting at $2,250

King Bed-Size

Starting at $2,400

Double/Full Bed-Size

Ask us about pricing!

See detailed pricing on our Products Page

Four Exits = Much Less Likely to Get Trapped Inside

For most, the fear of getting trapped inside their storm shelter is comparable to the fear of the actual tornado. For that reason, our tornado shelter is designed with four ways to exit from the two door version, and three ways to exit the one door version. Most competitors only offer one way out of their shelters, so if the exit is blocked or becomes damaged and cannot open, you may be trapped inside.

Two-door version: Our two door version has a normal entry/exit door located on both sides of the bed. Since these doors are separated by the width of your bed, it’s unlikely that debris would block both of these doors; but if it did, there is also an escape hatch on each side of the bed. The escape hatch is a 25”x 19” tall plate at the head of your bed that is easily removable from the inside of your shelter. This allows you to find your way out of the shelter if both doors become blocked.

One-door version: Our one door version has the same door and escape hatch on one side as the two door model, but there is a larger (32”x 19”) escape hatch on the side with no door. 

Escape hatch installed on Under-Your-Bed Storm Shelter
Escape hatch removed to show size of opening for easy exiting if doors become blocked.

Much More Convenient

With your tornado shelter under your bed, you’ll spend more time in bed and less time in your shelter. People are injured or killed each year while attempting to enter their tornado shelter. They simply wait too long because their storm shelter isn’t conveniently located or it’s not comfortable to spend any amount of time in. This is especially true for below ground shelters in the back yard. They require you to get inside early before the rain, lighting and hail starts. If you wait too long, it becomes dangerous to run to your shelter.

Very Comfortable

You will be much more comfortable lying on a carpeted floor in your climate-controlled bedroom than in a hole in the ground or in a steel box in your garage. Plus, you can wait longer before getting inside your storm shelter because it’s easily accessible within seconds because of our, very important, two entry door design. No other shelter offers two entry doors. We recommend putting a foam mattress topper inside your shelter so on stormy nights you can bed down inside your shelter with the doors open. If a tornado strikes, you can simply close the doors and be safe. If it never strikes, then you didn’t lose any sleep waiting and watching the weather, like you would with any other shelter design.

In the picture below, you see my wife laying in our shelter with the door open. The fact that she can comfortably lay in the shelter, with the door open, is an important benefit of our shelter design. It allows you to be "in" your shelter without "feeling" like you are in your shelter, because the area around your upper body is open.  This is especially beneficial for those who are claustrophobic. No other shelter offers this ability. (Note: The picture shows the door open wider than the "arms length" you would typically leave it open when you are waiting inside.)

A lady is shown inside an ACE tornado shelter, laying on her back to show that there is lots of room inside this unique horizontal shelter design.
A lady is shown inside an ACE tornado shelter, laying on her side to show that there is lots of room inside this unique horizontal shelter design.

Great For Families

On stormy nights, your kids can camp out in the shelter. They will love it and you won't have to worry about their safety if a tornado unexpectedly drops out of the sky, which is not uncommon. You can't do this with other tornado shelter designs.

If you have teens that are too old to camp out in your shelter, and want to protect them from the dangers of unexpected tornadoes, you can purchase a tornado shelter for their bed at a 25% discount anytime in the future. Ask us for details. Once they move out and get their own home, they can take their shelter with them so you know they are safe.

Great as a Safe Room or Panic Room

Other shelters claim to be Safe Rooms, but most of these are in the garage, which is of limited value as a Safe Room. Since our shelter is in the bedroom, it is in a much better position as a Safe Room because most home invasions occur in the middle of the night when you are asleep.

We haven't tested our shelter against gun shots (yet, but it’s coming) and we don't guarantee protection against guns, but we believe our shelter will give you the time necessary to call 911 before an intruder would even know that you’re hiding under the bed. If your cell phone works well in your bedroom, it should also work well inside the storm shelter.

Store Valuables or Guns

There’s plenty of room inside our shelter to store some valuable items if only a few people will take shelter during a tornado. The doors can be locked from the outside with a key and, in most cases, a burglar won’t even think to look under your bed for valuables. If they do, they will see your strongly built shelter and are not likely to go through the considerable effort required to break into it.

Sleep in Comfort, Too

Some people are concerned that replacing their box spring with the shelter will mean that their bed might not be as soft. It's important to realize that in most modern sleep systems the "box spring" really doesn't contain any springs at all. (In fact, the industry calls it a foundation). It's only a platform to set the mattress on. The mattress contains the springs and provides the flexible support for those laying on it. We've found that substituting a steel platform for the standard wooden one doesn't affect the quality of sleep at all—except that we rest a lot easier knowing we're seconds away from safety.

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